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Cassandra Pinkney Foundation


Who We Are

Founder to honor the life and legacy of Cassandra S. Pinkney, an educator and co-founder of Eagle Academy Public Charter School in Washington, DC.  


Our Mission

The Cassandra S. Pinkney Foundation exists to support Eagle Academy Public Charter School and make possible its commitment to providing a high-quality education to every child. We do this by investing in STEAM, technology, and SPED; supporting efforts to care for the “whole child”; giving back to the community; and exposing Eagle students to the possibilities of their future. Our goal is to help expand the horizons of Eagle students by giving them access to opportunities normally outside of their reach. 


Cassandra's Legacy

Cassandra S. Pinkney spent her life fighting for the children of DC. She remained firm in her belief that every child - regardless of background - should have access to a high-quality education. And she made it her life's work to fulfill that vision. 


Her passion for providing high-quality programs to low-income students is reflected in Eagle Academy, and through the Cassandra S. Pinkney Foundation, it is our hope to continue her life's work for years to come. The Pinkney Foundation will invest in resources and opportunities for students that Eagle Academy is unable to fund.


With your support, we can remove the physical, mental, and environmental barriers that have prevented generations of underprivileged children from reaching their dreams. Eagle Academy students are capable of changing the world. Your generosity helps them get started.


Our Work


Statistics show that children who experience trauma in early childhood are more prone to high-risk behavior and chronic health issues such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and early death. But we also know that children who have more options have far better outcomes and well-being.


Children who visit museums dream about creating art. Children who experience the wonder of science experiment dream about solving complex problems. Children who interact with successful businesses dream about how they might succeed. And, children who learn to swim, dream about the exploration of uncharted waters. 


The Pinkney Foundation believes that early intervention is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty, and empowering children for a lifetime of success. Early intervention is about making space for opportunity.

The Pinkney Foundation supports Eagle Academy, a public charter school that teaches students between the ages of 3-9 and supports the communities where its campuses reside, both in Southeast DC, including Ward 8. Eagle Academy's mission is to foster the building blocks for a promising future for all students in a rich, robust learning environment that fosters creativity, problem solving abilities, emphasizing cognitive, social, and emotional growth by engaging children as active learners. 

Quality education is critical, but early intervention is about more than just classroom instructions. It's about experiences that open doors to the world that these students don't normally have. We must give our children a glimpse of what's possible. And we must do it NOW.




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