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Congress Heights Campus


Our flagship campus the former, McGogney School, is named “Eagle Academy at Congress Heights.” In 2013, we invested in design and renovations of the Wheeler Road SE location including tremendous investments in IT infrastructure and our first swimming pool for students (which officially opened in 2014) and their families. Our school leadership worked diligently to make progressive changes, recruiting high-performing teachers and staff, to lead our students.


At Eagle Academy, we believe every child deserves a thoughtful education. Our philosophy is based off the realization that each child develops at their own pace and the educational program must be designed to support and incorporate every student’s learning needs. Award-winning research by University of Pennsylvania psychologist Angela Duckworth found that social and emotional skills – such as learning how to apply yourself to a task and believe in the possibility of your own improvement – are bigger determinants of success than reading and math skills. By creating an environment where effort is appreciated as much as accuracy, we are teaching our students that failure is simply part of learning – and they should never stop trying.

By creating opportunities for each child to master the fundamentals of reading and mathematics through interactive learning, our children develop a passion for problem solving and conflict resolution. Eagle Academy is focused on educating the “whole child,” which means we help our students grow not only academically, but also emotionally, socially, and physically.

Eagle students are capable of changing the world. It is up to us to help them get started.


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