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Current Parents & Families » Virtual Learning 2021 - 2022 Requirements and Forms

Virtual Learning 2021 - 2022 Requirements and Forms

Virtual Learning

Eagle Academy PCS-Virtual Learning FAQ


Are all students eligible for virtual learning? 

students in grades PK-3rd who provide a medical consent form signed by their doctor/nurse practitioner will be eligible for virtual learning. Students with medical needs unrelated to COVID-19 should follow the guidelines for the Home and Hospital Instruction Program (HHIP). 


What if my child does not have a medical need for virtual instruction, but I prefer to keep them in remote learning? 

Virtual learning in SY21-22 is limited to students with medical needs. All other students are expected to attend school in-person based on Mayor Bowser’s  mandate.  


My child does not have a medical need, but their sibling/parent/caregiver does. Can I still register my child for virtual? 

Virtual learning in SY21-22 is limited to individual students with medical needs as documented by their physician or nurse practitioner. 


What if I register for virtual learning but then I change my mind? 

Virtual learning is a semester commitment. If your child’s health condition changes and you no longer need virtual learning, we will work with you to have your child return to in person learning as soon as possible. However, you are not guaranteed the opportunity to return to in-person learning until the start of the second semester which begins in January 2022. 


Can my child attend in-person part of the time, and virtual part of the time? 

Virtual learning is a full-time alternative to in-person learning. Eagle Academy does not currently offer hybrid schedules for the 21-22SY