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For twenty years Eagle Academy has set the standard for educating young children in Washington, DC. Contact us: Congress Heights Campus Office (202) 544-2646... Capital Riverfront Office (202) 459-6825 ...Eagle’s Administrative Office: (202) 459-6850  Refer a family for SY2023!
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Comprehensive Education » Special Education Resources

Special Education Resources

Eagle Academy was the first general population public charter school to admit special education students, levels one through level four. Through our early intervention program, we are able to identify and support students with disabilities who have promising results for reentry into the traditional classroom setting. By addressing any learning needs as early as age three through diagnostic and prescriptive evaluations, we are able to help students successfully transition back into the general education classroom and get them back on track for success. By investing in children early on, we are seeing firsthand just how far they can soar.

Multi-Sensory Therapy Room

Eagle’s Multi-Sensory Therapy Room – directed by a full-time Occupational Therapist – provides educationally stimulating visual, auditory, movement, and tactile experiences which help students with various exceptionalities learn in an environment that is tailored to their specific educational needs. Use of this equipment has been shown to help children with autism, challenging behaviors, developmental disabilities, mental illness, and learning disabilities.

Auditory Room

Eagle Academy has four speech and language therapists on staff. Students also receive Sound Therapy with an integrated listening system to enhance their performance in the inclusive classroom setting.

Behavior Support Counseling

Eagle Academy focuses on character development and school-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Students are consistently practicing the Eagle Pride behaviors and character traits. Student recognition is an essential part of developing the social and emotional side of a child. Eagle has a behavioral intervention specialist on staff to help children address the problems that are impeding their ability to learn. By encouraging children to engage in an open dialogue, we are able to create a safe and healthy environment for the students at Eagle Academy.