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Learning With Technology


“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” – John Dewey.

As technology continues to transform and improve our world, we believe low-income students should not be left behind. At Eagle, every child is provided with an iPad in order to develop the technology proficiency necessary for them to succeed at the next level. We also place an overwhelming focus on STEAM education.


Research shows that students’ aptitudes toward science and technology begin with their earliest school experiences. Yet despite a young child’s natural orientation toward inquiry, traditional preschool curriculum fails to include rigorous STEM content. We decided this was no longer acceptable.

Eagle Academy established the first Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) Teaching Lab that provides opportunities to explore and foster curiosity for engineering and technological literacy among students and educators. STEAM proficient students engage in inquiry to investigate global issues, challenges, and real world problems utilizing critical thinking. The STEAM Room also serves practicing teachers (PreK-3 through 3rd grade) and gives them the opportunity to deepen their conceptual understandings to apply rigorous science, technology, engineering, and mathematical concepts contributing to increasing the quality of science and mathematical instruction and achievement at Eagle Academy.

STEAM Vision – PreK-K

The STEAM vision for PreK-K students is to engage students in explorations that encourage them to be creative and develop their ability to solve problems. Starting in Pre-K, our students are given opportunities to be “makers” while solving everyday problems using 21st century tools and technology. By aligning and enriching existing Pre-K and Kindergarten science “lessons” to reflect inquiry-based exploration, our students are able to investigate global issues, challenges, and real world problems utilizing critical thinking.

STEAM Vision – K-3

The STEAM vision for K-3 students is to provide rigorous all-inclusive student-led instruction which embodies the full components of STEAM to grades K-3 by integrating all resources available both to myself and the students. We will continue to provide support to classroom teachers by modeling lessons and scheduling STEAM assemblies centered around what students are currently learning.

The Erikson Institute

Eagle Academy has partnered with the Erikson Institute to implement a professional development program on technology integration. The Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center at the Erikson Institute empowers Eagle staff through an ongoing and engaging program focused on technology integration that encompasses collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. With this program, we aim to create a strong learning community around best practices in technology integration and provide new tools and techniques for our educators as media mentors and role models. Through our partnership with the Erikson Institute, we are implementing a technology integration program that will provide our students with the skills needed to face the challenges of tomorrow.