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Physical Growth

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Research consistently demonstrates that the physical health of children is intricately linked to their academic performance. At Eagle Academy, we wholeheartedly embrace this connection and take proactive steps to ensure our students not only excel academically but also lead healthy, active lives.


Here's a comprehensive overview of our initiatives and resources:


Extracurricular Activities: We recognize the importance of extracurricular activities in promoting physical health and overall well-being. To this end, Eagle Academy is equipped with exceptional resources, including a full-size gymnasium, a spacious 40-by-80-foot pool, and two playgrounds. These facilities serve as hubs for a wide range of extracurricular activities that encourage our students to adopt healthy lifestyles and build valuable life skills.


Swimming Pool: It's a fact that many of our students do not know how to swim and we decided to take a proactive stance on this issue. In 2014, we installed a 40-by-80-foot learning pool, strategically designed to cater to all ages. At Eagle Academy, swimming lessons aren't just offered; they are compulsory for graduation. By providing access to swim education, we aim to challenge the status quo and empower our students with a vital life skill.


Health Suite: Ensuring that our students' basic health needs are met is paramount to their learning. Eagle Academy goes the extra mile by employing three full-time nurses and establishing partnerships with reputable health organizations such as Howard University Hospital and the Children’s Health Project of D.C. Additionally, we collaborate with the D.C. Department of Health’s Oral Health Program to offer free dental screenings, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sealant treatments to all our students. We believe that a healthy child is a thriving learner.


Therapeutic Vision Program: Vision is a critical component of learning, and we've taken innovative steps to address potential visual challenges that may hinder our students' educational progress. Eagle Academy is one of the first schools to implement an onsite Therapeutic Vision Program. Through this initiative, students receive Developmental Optometry Evaluations and Vision Therapy by certified Developmental Optometrists. Many children face vision issues that are often misdiagnosed as attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, or learning disabilities. By addressing these visual challenges, we empower our students to reach their full potential. This program includes comprehensive evaluations, therapy sessions, and necessary equipment, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to succeed academically.


Full-Service Kitchen and In House Chef: We understand that learning begins with a nourished body. Eagle Academy operates a full-service kitchen on campus, preparing hot, nutritious meals for our students through the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner daily for FREE to all students. Additionally, we participate in the Healthy Schools Act, offering healthy snacks during the school day. Our commitment to providing wholesome meals ensures that no child goes hungry, regardless of their economic background.


At Eagle Academy, our dedication to holistic education extends far beyond academics. We are unwavering in our commitment to promoting the physical health and well-being of our students.


By providing access to essential life skills, health services, and nourishing meals, we empower our students to thrive both in the classroom and in life, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to soar.