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Comprehensive Education » Emotional Well-Being

Emotional Well-Being


Eagle Academy is deeply rooted in the diverse and ever-evolving neighborhoods it serves. We recognize the economic dynamics that impact our families and students, including factors like housing, access to food, and employment opportunities. Moreover, we understand the unique challenges faced by Washington, DC, particularly in neighborhoods East of the River, where issues such as crime, poverty, and high unemployment rates persist.


At Eagle Academy, we acknowledge that students often carry emotional burdens from these external factors into the classroom. We firmly believe that before our children can truly thrive academically, we must address the broader challenges that may hinder their ability to learn effectively. This holistic approach is at the core of our educational philosophy.


Our dedicated staff comprises a range of specialists who are equipped to address these deep-seated needs that might otherwise go unnoticed in a typical classroom setting. Here's how we provide comprehensive support to our students:


Specialists: We are proud to have a team of specialists that includes two school psychologists, a behavioral specialist, two speech and language therapists, and an occupational therapist. These professionals play a crucial role in identifying and addressing the complex needs of our students, ensuring that their emotional well-being is prioritized.


Life Skills Integration: Our behavioral specialists work closely with our teachers to seamlessly integrate essential life skills into the curriculum. Through carefully designed classroom routines and rituals, students learn to feel secure in their school environment, collaborate effectively with their peers, express their emotions through words rather than physical actions, and welcome direct intervention by staff aimed at facilitating social and emotional growth.


Thoughtful Design for Learning: When designing our school, we were intentional about creating an environment conducive to learning. Research has shown that access to natural light positively impacts students' progress and overall well-being. Therefore, we incorporated translucent panels in key areas such as the gymnasium, library, and pool to allow ample natural light to flood our school, fostering a positive and inspiring atmosphere.


In addition, research has indicated that observing an aquarium can have calming effects, lowering blood pressure and heart rate while improving attention span and mood. With this in mind, we've added a fish tank in one of our main gathering rooms. It features comfortable carpeting, encouraging students to lie down, relax, and watch the fish swim, providing a soothing and contemplative space within our school.


At Eagle Academy, our commitment to addressing the holistic needs of our students extends beyond academics. We embrace our role as a support system for our community, recognizing that a nurturing and empathetic environment is essential for both academic success and personal growth.