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Social Competence


At Eagle Academy, we believe in fostering not only academic excellence but also the holistic development of our students. Our classrooms are designed to provide a nurturing environment where students can learn valuable life skills, enhance their social and emotional intelligence, and grow into respectful and effective communicators.


Here's a closer look at some of the unique features and initiatives that set our school apart:


Social Skills Development: We understand the importance of equipping students with essential social skills. Starting as early as kindergarten, our teachers utilize the Social Skills Improvement System to assess the social development of our students. This assessment helps us identify any areas that may require additional attention and allows us to address problem behaviors effectively.


Multi Sensory Therapy Room: Eagle Academy proudly houses a Multi-Sensory Therapy Room, which is under the guidance of a dedicated full-time Occupational Therapist. This room offers a wealth of educationally stimulating experiences that cater to the diverse needs of our students, including those with exceptionalities. Through visual, auditory, movement, and tactile experiences, we create an environment tailored to each student's specific educational requirements. This resource has proven particularly beneficial for children with autism, challenging behaviors, developmental disabilities, mental health concerns, and learning disabilities.


Outdoor Playgrounds: Recognizing the importance of physical activity and outdoor play in a child's development, we've made it a priority to provide ample outdoor playground space for our students. During the planning and construction of our campuses, we were determined to maintain as much playground area as possible to allow for active and engaging recess activities. In 2016, Eagle Academy received a generous grant of $15,930 from Target and the national non-profit KaBOOM! This grant was used to purchase an Imagination Playground in a Cart™, an innovative playground equipment system that encourages our children to unleash their creativity and imagination during playtime.


At Eagle Academy, we are not only committed to academic excellence but also to creating an enriching and supportive learning environment where students can develop essential life skills, engage in sensory learning, and enjoy the benefits of active play. We believe that a well-rounded education encompasses more than just classroom instruction; it encompasses the growth of the whole child.