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For twenty years Eagle Academy has set the standard for educating young children in Washington, DC. Contact us: Congress Heights Campus Office (202) 544-2646... Capital Riverfront Office (202) 459-6825 ...Eagle’s Administrative Office: (202) 459-6850  Refer a family for SY2023!
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Comprehensive Education » Academic Development

Academic Development

Eagle Academy provides students with opportunities to further their educational development both in and outside of the classroom. Students receive support through after-school tutoring, access to an early childhood multimedia library staffed with a full-time librarian, and are encouraged to utilize online tools that promote interactive learning. Additionally, our early intervention program supports students with identified exceptionalities with promising results.


Educational Focus


Eagle Academy’s curriculum and instructional program involves active, child-centered learning and allows for students to have different levels of readiness. The curriculum and instructional program draws from the best practices of research-based, empirically proven early childhood education programs. The curriculum is thematic and allows children to master the various academic skills and knowledge within the context of thematic, child centered play. Each student is recognized for his/her accomplishments which allows students who have different rates of growth to be successful together in the same classroom. Students master reading and mathematics early in their academic careers in order to maintain high academic growth in all content areas. The curriculum is challenging, project-centered, and uses the best practices of successful early childhood programs.



Classroom Capabilities


Eagle Academy always goes the extra mile to support instruction. In every classroom, Eagle students and staff utilize an array of technological resources to support and enhance learning including iPads, Smartboards, and Promethean boards. Every classroom is also equipped with wide lens cameras to record all the instruction throughout the day. Teachers can view any part of their teaching at school or they can enter an access code when they are home refining their lessons for the next day. This provides continuous feedback that teachers use everyday to improve instruction and to help children learn more effectively.


Interactive Learning


At Eagle Academy, we believe the best way to teach our kids about the importance of the environment is by giving them the opportunity to interact and invest in it. We have a school garden where children are able to develop an appreciation for the Earth by planting and preserving flowers throughout the year. We also have an Early Childhood Multimedia Library, where we encourage our children to read by giving them access to reading materials that align with their interests. 

Eagle Academy also established the first Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) Teaching Lab that provides opportunities to explore and foster curiosity for engineering and technological literacy among students and educators. STEAM students are able to investigate global issues, challenges, and real world problems while utilizing critical thinking.


Instructional Program


Eagle Academy’s instructional program includes the integration of the following into a cohesive learning process that enables our students to start early and soar high:


  • CORE Knowledge Curriculum
  • Early Reading First Infusion Program
  • Active Child-Centered Learning
  • Best Practices (USDOE & NAEYC research)
  • Mastery Learning
  • Thematic Learning
  • Authentic Accomplishments
  • Challenging Learning
  • Infused Technology in Every Classroom
  • Early Childhood Emphasis: Reading and Mathematics
  • Primary Grades Emphasis: Mathematics and Science