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For twenty years Eagle Academy has set the standard for educating young children in Washington, DC. Contact us: Congress Heights Campus Office (202) 544-2646... Capital Riverfront Office (202) 459-6825 ...Eagle’s Administrative Office: (202) 459-6850  Refer a family for SY2023!
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Community School

                                                    Bag Distribution of Food and Canned Goods

At Eagle, we are constantly looking for ways to give more to the community we serve. Our amphitheater is used by the community to project movies at night, and neighbors will soon be able to access the pool and gymnasium after school hours.

Environmentally Friendly

Eagle Academy was awarded a LEED® Gold Certification for Green Building. The LEED® rating system, developed by the US Green Building Council, is the foremost program for buildings, homes, and communities that are designed, constructed, maintained, and operated for improved environmental and human health performance. The designation underscores Eagle’s commitment to fostering a physical environment that positively benefits its students’ learning opportunities, all while promoting environmental stewardship in the community in which it operates.

Reduced Community Crime

Our building exterior is comprised primarily of poly-carbonate multiwall sheets, which creates a lantern effect and neighborhood icon. Our neighbors see our vision and protect the school from vandalism and other crime by calling the police when they see suspicious activity after school hours. Police statistics show that the crime rate on our streets is significantly lower than the rest of the neighborhood.

Partnership with Parents

Successful education relies on a positive partnership between parents and educators. Eagle Academy maintains an environment where parents are kept informed on the progress of their child and encouraged to attend various parent education sessions offered throughout the year that explore the ways to support their child’s academic development. We have a Parent Resource Center, where parents can come and use our resources to better help their families.