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Community School

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At Eagle Academy, our commitment to the community goes beyond the classroom. We believe in creating a nurturing and inclusive environment that extends well beyond the school day.


Here are some of the ways we actively engage with and give back to our community:


Community Amphitheater: Our amphitheater isn't just a part of our school; it's a vibrant community space. In the evenings, we open it up for movie screenings, providing a wholesome and enjoyable entertainment option for our neighbors.


Access to Our Award Winning Facilities: Our neighbors will have the privilege of accessing our pool and gymnasium after school hours. We're excited to extend these resources to promote physical fitness, a place to gather and meet, and be a positive source of well-being within the community.


Environmentally Friendly Campus: Eagle Academy takes pride in its environmentally conscious approach. We've been awarded a prestigious LEED® Gold Certification for Green Building. This recognition highlights our commitment to creating a sustainable and healthy environment for our students while also setting an example of environmental stewardship in our community.


Reduced Community Crime: Our distinctive building exterior, composed primarily of poly-carbonate multiwall sheets, not only adds a unique architectural touch but also serves as a neighborhood icon. Our neighbors recognize our vision and actively protect the school from vandalism and other crimes by promptly reporting suspicious activities to the police. As a result, statistics show that crime rates on our streets are significantly lower than in the rest of the neighborhood.


Parent Partnership: We firmly believe that successful education is a collaborative effort between parents and educators. At Eagle Academy, we maintain a strong partnership with parents by keeping them informed about their child's progress. Throughout the year, we offer various parent education sessions designed to explore ways to support their child's academic development. Additionally, our Parent Resource Center provides a welcoming space for parents to access resources that can help their families thrive.


At Eagle Academy, we're not just a school; we're a community dedicated to nurturing growth, fostering environmental responsibility, enhancing safety, and empowering parents to actively participate in their child's education. Together, we create a stronger, more vibrant neighborhood for everyone.