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Mission & Strategic Vision


Eagle Academy Public Charter School’s mission is to build the foundation for a promising future for all students in a rich, robust learning environment that fosters creativity, problem-solving abilities, emphasizing cognitive, social and emotional growth by engaging children as active learners, in an inclusive learning environment.

Core Values

Eagle Academy Public Charter School, believes the following:

  • Each classroom setting functions as a provocative learning environment to promote learning experiences that provide awe and wonderment for the young learner.
  • Promoting language acquisition and literacy development through the use of developmentally appropriate practices is a critical component of the early learning years.
  • Discovery is planned with intentionality for students to be independent, critical thinkers developing at their own pace.
  • Stakeholders must be committed to social competence, emotional well-being, and individual cognitive growth of all students to achieve and exceed District of Columbia Office of State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) Early Childhood Standards.
  • Students learn at high levels through hands-on, creative and imaginative learning opportunities while building a sense of joy for life-long learning.
  • A carefully constructed bridge between school and home encourages and invites parents/guardians to be partners and advocates in the education of their child.
  • Professional development, training and reflective practices build a common language and a deeper understanding of the teaching and learning process for the faculty and leads to improved academic and social outcomes for students.


Eagle Academy Public Charter School’s students will become confident individuals with positive self-esteem. They will be respectful, effective communicators; creative problem solvers; critical, reflective thinkers; self-directed life-long learners; and become proficient users of current technology. ALL students will develop a strong foundation for continual learning by working to achieve high standards and meet expectations. Accountability is shared between parents, educators and the students themselves. Our school and our staff will provide students with a safe and secure learning environment so that they will take advantage of a wide variety of resources and learning strategies.