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Welcome From The Chief Executive Officer


We are excited to introduce the new home of Eagle Academy Public Charter School’s online community.

Eagle Academy has been in operation since 2003, first opening its doors at 770 M Street SE, in Ward 6 of Washington, DC in a building known affectionately as the Big Blue Castle. We were the District of Columbia’s first charter school focused exclusively on Early Childhood. We began our first year with 117 children, but over the next five years we grew tremendously and needed to expand. In 2010 we added a site at 1017 New Jersey Avenue SE, expanding our student population to serve almost 200 children. Over the last decade, Eagle has added grades 1-3, added a second campus located in the Ward 8 neighborhood of Congress Heights, and we now proudly serve over 700 students and their families.

Eagle Academy prides itself in building a solid foundation for each student by creating a rich, robust academic program geared to enhance their development; using appropriate, evidence-based practices, and a strong commitment to building social competence, emotional well-being, and individual cognitive growth. Our students are given the opportunity to learn through high levels of hands-on, creative and imaginative experiences while fostering a sense of joy for life-long learning. There is an essential piece to ensuring that we are successful in the assurance that our students achieve all of the goals we have set and that there is a carefully constructed bridge between home and school. With intentionality, Eagle begins this process as soon as a child is registered. We encourage and invite parents/guardians to be partners in the Education of their child.

So at this time we invite you to become a regular viewer. To celebrate our community, students, and staff, to learn more about Eagle Academy, or to see if becoming a part of the Eagle Community is right for you.
Joe M. Smith, Ph.D. 
Chief Executive Officer