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Capitol Riverfront Campus

Eagle Academy at Capitol Riverfront Campus is a small and intimate school setting located in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood adjacent to Washington Nationals ballpark and the US Capitol. The Capitol Riverfront staff takes pride in delivering excellent educational outcomes for students in a nurturing environment. With small classroom sizes high performing testing scores and extended learning opportunities i.e. Spanish classes. Principal, Mrs. Sabrina O'Gilvie, leads a team of expert educators and support staff to create an optimal learning environment full of self-discovery and growth.


What We Believe:  

Eagle Academy Public Charter School, a culturally sensitive early childhood learning community, believes the following:

  • Each classroom setting functions as a provocative learning environment to promote learning experiences that provide awe and wonderment for the young learner.
  • Promoting language acquisition and literacy development through the use of developmentally appropriate practices is a critical component of the early learning years.
  • Discovery is planned with the intention for students to be independent, critical thinkers developing at their own pace. Stakeholders must be committed to social competence, emotional well-being, and individual cognitive growth of all students to achieve and exceed District of Columbia Office of State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) Early Childhood Standards.
  • Students learn at high levels through hands-on, creative and imaginative learning opportunities while building a sense of joy for life-long learning.
  • A carefully constructed bridge between school and home encourages and invites parents/guardians to be partners and advocates in the education of their child.
  • Professional development, training, and reflective practices build a common language and a deeper understanding of the teaching and learning process for the faculty and leads to an improved academic and social outcome for students. 
2016-2017 Student Supply List...Capitol Riverfront Campus

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