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About Congress Heights Campus:


 Our flagship campus the former, McGogney School, was recently named “Eagle Academy at Congress Heights.” In 2013, we invested in design and renovations of the Wheeler Road SE location including tremendous investments in IT infrastructure and our first swimming pool for students (which officially opened in 2014) and their families. Our school leadership worked diligently to make progressive changes, recruiting high-performing teachers and staff, to lead our students. In the summer of 2015, it was announced that Mrs. Melanie Leonard, and Mr. Royston Lyttle would be the newly appointed principals of the Eagle Academy Congress Heights campus.


What We Believe:

Eagle Academy Public Charter School, a culturally sensitive early childhood learning community, believes the following:

  • Each classroom setting functions as a provocative learning environment to promote learning experiences that provide awe and wonderment for the young learner.
  • Promoting language acquisition and literacy development through the use of developmentally appropriate practices is a critical component of the early learning years.
  • Discovery is planned with the intention for students to be independent, critical thinkers developing at their own pace. Stakeholders must be committed to social competence, emotional well-being, and individual cognitive growth of all students to achieve and exceed District of Columbia Office of State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) Early Childhood Standards.
  • Students learn at high levels through hands-on, creative and imaginative learning opportunities while building a sense of joy for life-long learning.
  • A carefully constructed bridge between school and home encourages and invites parents/guardians to be partners and advocates in the education of their child.
  • Professional development, training, and reflective practices build a common language and a deeper understanding of the teaching and learning process for the faculty and leads to an improved academic and social outcome for students. 

The Eagle Center News

Enrollment Incentive!!!!!!!

Eagle PCS is enrolling for the 17-18 school year. We want prospective and returning families to know about the great things happening at Eagle! Any current family that writes a positive review on www.GreatSchools.org will be entered into a drawing. One drawing will be held on July 1st and another on August 1st for the following prizes: An Ipad, A month of free attendance in the Before and AfterSchool program, or a lifetime’s worth of free school uniforms*. Please call Ms. Valencia Robinson at 202-459-6825 or email your name and date of posting tovrobinson@eagleacademypcs.org to notify us of your post; once verified, you will be entered into the drawing.

*The lifetime’s worth of uniform shirts will be awarded to one child in the family at the rate of two shirts each school year.
Thank you for your support of Eagle!!!!!

Animals and Their Needs unit- Kindergarten (click here)

As you may remember, during the Animals and Their Needs unit, we had a lesson about the famous biologist and environmental activist, Dr. Jane Goodall. Classes may have viewed a short video biography or listened to a read aloud of the children's biography entitled "Me..Jane." As classes we talked about how Dr. Goodall had a dream of living in Africa and studying animals. This was the kickoff to each of your classes' study of webcam videos of animals. After several observations, students used their notes to author their own non-fiction texts about animals which they studied. Several of their non-fiction texts were actually shared with Dr. Goodall thanks to John Campbell at Central Office.
Dr. Goodall was so excited about their books that she recorded this video message for them! Please make sure to share the video with your students this week. I would love to be able to visit your rooms to introduce the video as well, so please let me know when you'll be able to share it. It is only about 1 1/2 minutes long, but it's well worth the time!

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