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Educational Approach

Educational Focus
Eagle Academy Public Charters School's curriculum and instructional program involves active, child-centered learning and allows for students to have different levels of readiness. The curriculum and instructional program draws from the best practices of research-based, empirically proven early childhood education programs.
The curriculum is thematic and allows children to master the various academic skills and knowledge within the context of thematic, child centered play.
Eagle Academy PCS's curriculum encourages children to learn fundamental facts and skills through child-centered activities (play).
Each student is recognized for his/her accomplishments and which allows students who have different rates of growth to be successful together in the same classroom.
At Eagle Academy PCS, students master reading and mathematics early in their academic careers in order to maintain high academic growth in all content areas.
Eagle Academy PCS's curriculum is challenging, project-centered, and uses the best practices of successful early childhood programs.
Eagle Academy PCS has an intensive technology program. Children begin using computers in the pre-school program. The school has multiple computers in the classrooms and two computer laboratories in which students learn in a group setting.
Instructional Program
Eagle Academy PCS's instructional program includes the integration of the following into a cohesive learning process that enables our students to start early and soar high:
  • CORE Knowledge Curriculum
  • Early Reading First Infusion Program
  • Active Child-Centered Learning
  • Best Practices (USDOE & NAEYC research)
  • Mastery Learning
  • Thematic Learning
  • Authentic Accomplishments
  • Challenging Learning
  • Infused Technology in Every Classroom
  • Early Childhood Emphasis: Reading and Mathematics
  • Primary Grades Emphasis: Mathematics and Science